Watch Clash of Clans in First Person Mode (Virtual Reality format), andNew Hero Revealed

Have you been wondering how the popular mobile game Clash of Clans would look like it if were released in first person or virtual reality mode? Thank goodness Supercell just released a brand new clip that exactly lets us the experience this. The short clip below shows a village being attacked/raided and is viewed through the eyes of an archer in the tower.

Since it is in 360-degree or virtual reality format, the video below is best watched using your mobile device so you can look around as you move your smartphone or tablet.


In other news, Supercell has officially announced the much talked-about and most-anticipated third hero for the TH 11 update, nope he is not the Great Wizard but the Grand Warden. This new hero will come alongisde the Town Hall 11 update. Watch a gameplay video below to learn more about this new hero and see it in action.

The Grand Warden can be leveled up to 20 using only Elixirs and can attack both air and ground troops. While its hitpoints is not that high , he has another abilty or power called Life Aura where when friendly units are within it, they get Health Points (HP) boost.

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