Get 20% Off on Your Next Adventure with Trail Adventours from Smart Bro

Have you been planning to try hiking Mt. Pulag? Or Conquering Sagada and Mt. Pico de Loro or whatever kind of adventures you are dying to experience? You might want to take advantage of this new promo from Smart Bro when you book your next adventures from Trail Adventours.


The good news is Smart Bro has teamed up with premier adventure group Trail Adventours to provide Smart Bro Pocket WiFi users a 20% discount on their next outdoor adventure.

To take advantage of this SmartBro Trips promo, SmartBro Pocket WiFi users just have to provide their IMEI number of their Pocket WiFi device upon booking with any of the two partner mentioned above. They also need to bring their device on the day of event/expidition and present it to  Trail Adventours representatives in order to finally get the discount. This promo will run from this month until November 2016.

Also this partnership gives Trail Adventours travelers free WiFi connection on the go powered by SmartBro. So even if you are on your way to the summit as well as enjoying the Philippines' peaks and over-the-mountains' stunning views, you are still able to connect to the internet through Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.
"Through this partnership with Trail Adventours, we are thrilled to bring the Smart Life experience to even more Filipino adventurers, who can rely on Smart Bro as a perfect travel companion so they can stay connected to their favorite mobile apps on the go,” said Michele Curran, First Vice President, Data and International Services at Smart.

“This partnership also allows us to give our existing subscribers more awesome treats as we continue enrich their mobile lifestyle while catering to their various passion points – be it music, videos, games or outdoor adventures,” she added.

“Having Smart Bro in our travel adventures will give our participants more ways to enjoy their journey as they now have the means to share their awesome outdoor adventures in an instant, which will hopefully inspire more Filipinos to scale greater heights, discover our country’s stunning views, and appreciate our natural resources,” said Guido Sarreal, co- founder of Trail Adventours.
To learn more which adventures and trips are eligible for this partnership, dates and locations as well as more details on this amazing promo from Smart Bro Trips, you can visit Smart's official webpage for this here.

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