Smart Padala Pick-up Anywhere Lets you Send and Receive Money Easier and Faster

Sending and receiving money within the Philippines have just been made a lot easier, faster and more affordable with the official launch of the Smart Padala Pick-up Anywhere by Smart and PLDT's financial innovation unit called Smart eMoney a few days ago. Through this service, millions of Filipinos around the country will be able to send and receive money at any of more than 15,000 Smart Padala centers and agents nationwide at a very minimal cost.


One of the best things about this new Smart Padala is any one can now send and receive money regardless of their telecom provider. Be it Globe, TM, Smart or Talk N Text, you guys all can take advantage of this very convenient remittance service, no more network dependency and limitation.

How to Send Money through Smart Padala?

All senders have to do is visit any Smart Padala center/agent, fill out a transaction slip and provide all the necessary information including the recipient's mobile number. Again, any mobile number will do for this transaction. And of course do not forget to bring and present just one valid ID.

How to Claim the Money?

Once the sending transaction is complete, the recipient will then receive a confirmation text message informing them that the money is now ready to be claimed. That SMS notification will contain the transaction number that they will be presented at the Smart Padala center together with their at least one valid ID.

And for added security, the recipient will also be provided with a one-time and unique verification code to claim the money. And that's it.

Before this particular updated service was officially launched, money sender and receiver would have to first select a Smart Padala Center or Agent where they would send the money to and claim from. That was a bit inconvenient and would require a lot of time and effort just to complete one transaction. However, with this new Smart Padala Pick-up Anywhere, both parties can just make the transaction at any and nearest Smart Padala Centers from their current location. Literally anytime and anywhere.
“When you’re sending money to someone who needs it, you want to ensure that they can receive it immediately and conveniently. By enhancing our Smart Padala service with Pick-Up Anywhere, we are enabling millions of more Filipinos to experience the benefits of financial technology when they need it the most, wherever they may be,” said Lawrence Ferrer, Vice President at Smart eMoney, Inc.

This Smart Padala Pick-up Anywhere allows you to send money with transaction fee of as low as Php25. To learn more about this service including the list of fees for every amount of money to be sent, you can visit Smart Padala official website here.

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