This is How Yamaha Motor Philippines Ended the Year 2015

The Presidential Summit

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. held the Yamaha Club President's Meeting for the first time in Mindanao. It was the time to reflect on their activities for 2015 and exchange ideas with other leaders from different regions in the country.


A special part of the program was the welcoming of 4 new club groups, The R15 Club of the Philippines, Mio Soul i Davao, Mio Soul i Nation, and Davao Sniper Guild. The discussion for the 2016 plans was led by Yamaha Club Head, Kristoffer Manayaga by sharing proposals, guidelines, and listened to suggestions from the Presidents. All this is done to fine-tune the activities that will be happening in the coming year. Yamaha Sales and Marketing Adviser, Norio Ota; Mindanao Sales Manager, Peter Salvadico; and Marketing Manager, Ryan Jude Camus; were in attendance to share their thoughts and also thank the club presidents for a year of hard work and dedication.

An exciting year for Yamaha is in the works and the world of motorcycle riding. After an unforgettable 2015, expect even bigger things for the Yamaha Club. Having inspired leaders at the helm will only catapult riders to a higher level of passion and dedication. We can't wait for 2016 to kick in to full gear and see what's in store for us all.


Yamaha Kids Kringle

Yamaha PH continued their dedication to the Filipino Community by partnering with different Yamaha Club groups to share the holiday spirit with the kids of the SOS Children's Village. The Kids Kringle, the event's official name, was attended by several executives of Yamaha. In attendance was Sales and Marketing Adviser, Mr. Norio Ota; Marketing Section Manager, Mr. Ryan Jude Camus; Mindanao Sales Manager, Peter Salvadico; and Yamaha Club Head, Mr. Kristoffer Manayaga who opened the Kids Kringle toy box. President of Yamaha Club groups from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao distributed the toys to the children. A plaque to commemorate the event was presented to the Village Director, Mr. Leonilo Rivero.

Yamaha understand the importance of sharing the joy of Christmas and also the offering of thoughts, actions, and service is what makes events such this truly magical. It was something the children gave back to the people of Yamaha Motor Philippines, it was their laughter, their smile, the fun that they were having. Those small moments coming together is what Yamaha is all about, that is what Revs Your Heart truly is; things that are timeless, things that are irreplaceable, things that last a lifetime.






The Yamaha Toyride - A Riders Advocacy

Yamaha Motor Philippines also ushered in the holiday season by committing an unforgettable Christmas offering for the SOS Children's Village. 200 participants from 16 Yamaha Club groups donated toys at the Yamaha Flagship Store, the YZONE that was sent all the way to Davao.

Clubs that attended Sniper MX Philippines, FZ16 Club Philippines, Bulacan Scout Riders Club, Club MXi Philippines, Vega Force Mantis, Team Mio MX 125, Sniper Owners Club, Nouvo Riders Society, Yamaha Bulacan Riders, Team Mio Soul i, Mio Executive Club, Vega Force i Owners Philippines, Club SZ-R Philippines, Mio Owners Republic, Yamaha United, and Yamaha Riders Club Cavite.

Sales and Marketing Director, Kaoru Ogura, and Sales and Marketing Advisor, Norio Ota officially sealed the box that contained all the donations and was sent on its way. The box was opened during the official gift giving event on December 11, 2015. The Yamaha Club riders share their passion on the road each day and occasions such as the holidays give them the chance to do more than that. This season, Santa did not come riding a sleigh but a motorcycle.

The NMAX Media Tour - The Ultimate Roadtrip 

The Yamaha NMAX was also unveiled in 2015; the motorcycle that is filled with technological firsts and outstanding design. To give a personal experience of the NMAX, Yamaha invited media partners for a touring activity where they took the motorcycle from Century Hotel in Angeles, Pampanga all the way to Baguio.

Part of the trip includes stops in the Philippine Military Academy for photo-ops in different historical areas and Camp John Hay where they spent the night. Also in addition was a launch program for the MAX series and was discussed by Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura and Marketing Section Manager, Mr. Ryan Jude Camus. A scrumptious plated dinner was served to the guests which was a delicious addition to a long journey. Day 2 provided more opportunities to enjoy the Yamaha NMAX with the test ride being conducted by Yamaha's certified instructors.














The many miles traveled were a collection of memorable hours, an ultimate road trip. The Yamaha NMAX proved to be an excellent partner when traversing through the long and adventurous roads of the Philippines. The media tour was certainly an unforgettable ride filled with many firsts that last.

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