You Can Now Live Broadcast on Periscope using your GoPro Action Camera


The Twitter-owned live streaming app called Periscope has just made a very big and exciting announcement recently that will definitely make its users and viewers a lot pumped up. GoPro and Periscope have partnered together giving giving users the ability to do live stream or live broadcast directly from their action cameras.

This integration is currently working on iOS and GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver devices. This new functionality allows more 10 million Periscope users tell a story in a completely different perspective and in more heart-pounding approach.

To do this users will simply need to connect their GoPro to their iPhone via WiFi and when they start live streaming, Periscope will automatically detect the GoPro camera. Then with just a push of an on-screen button, they will be able to stream live videos from that connected action camera, whether it's mounted, on a stick or on a drone. What's more interesting about this is that users will still be able to toggle between the GoPro camera and their iPhone camera back and forth.

What happens to the video after broadcasting? According to GoPro, the streamed videos are automatically saved in the microSD card even while streaming.

With this launch, I am now more excited to see live videos on Periscope being streamed from under water, above the head or any other places and angles where a smartphone is not capable of doing and only a GoPro camera can provide. And hopefully it won't take that long before Android users get supported too.

While live streaming from a GoPro is limited to iPhone users at this time, viewing a GoPro broadcast is available on any platform.

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