How to Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram Without Logging Out

Many of us, if not alot, are having more than one accounts on instagram. It could be for business or hobby purposes or another one for a more personal use. Whatever the reason maybe and when this is our current scenario, we always look for a way to manage these accounts in a much easier and convenient way. Now thankfully, there are a ton of third-party apps out there that just cater to this need. However, most of the time you will still need to log in to your account in the official instagram app to upload photos. But that may have already changed by now.

Now in this tutorial (with a simple video clip below), will let you know that you can now manage multiple accounts on instagram app itself without the need to log out first. And if you are the type of instagram user I am talking to, most likely this is the feature you have been waiting for ever since you created your second IG account.

It's important to note that this particular feature may or may not be available yet on your instagram app  as it will depend on the version you have. If you still don't see the option to add another account, simply try to update your instagram either via Google Play or App Store. See the video below.

If in any case you are still not allowed to add more accounts on instagram through the steps provided in the clip above even after updating the app version you have, this could only mean that this update or feature is not rolled out yet in your market or location. In that case, you will need to have a little more  patience.

I added some screenshots below in case you are unable to watch or play the video above.

instagram 4

First thing you will need to do is go to your profile and hit the three-dot icon up above to go to the settings or options section of the app. Then you scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Add account" feature, tap it and it will bring you to the usual login page. Key in your other account's username and password and login.

instagram 2

How do you know you successfully added another instagram account? Apart from a quick pop up text message that says you have successfully added a new account, you can also check it by going back to your IG profile page and then should be able to see a drop down menu at the top of that page, see below.

instagram 5

Click that menu and you'll see a list of accounts you added to your instagram app with the checked one indicated of the current and active account you are on. And as you can see as well, you can now add more accounts from here.


And that's it. You can now switch between accounts through that drop down option on your profile page whenever you need to have access to other accounts.  What if you need to log out all the accounts or one of them? You just need to go back to the first step (options section) and scroll down again, right below the "Add Account" you'll see log out options.

As of right now, all of my Android user friends I have asked about this new functionality have confirmed that they are now able to see the option in their app. Hopefully you are too.

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