Never Set your Apple Device's Date to January 1, 1970

The internet trolls are at it again targeting some iOS users who are easily tricked, as have been proven in the past, asking them to set their Apple-made device's date back to January 1, 1970. Do not ever try doing this on your iOS smart devices no matter what. So what's gonna happen if you do? Your device will turn into a super premium and expensive paperweight. In other words, it will completely die and become unsuable.


Like myself, most likely your first question would be "why would I do that?" or "what is going to happen when I change the date to January 1, 1970?". It's because of the image above, where 4Chan users claim that you will be able to unlock or atleast see the retro Apple logo on your device. However, that is actually not the case here. Apple didn't even exist in 1970, and so will your Apple device's usability if you do it.

Of course, I have not proven it myself yet and mainly for two reasons. First is I don't have an iPhone or an iPad, second is even if I have one I don't wanna disable my phone. But reports from other sites have confirmed the said glitch. If this happens on your device for whatever reason, the only fix reports are saying is by bringing the device to an Apple Store. But a youtuber under the handle Zach Straley, posted a video trying this bug on his iPhone to prove this is real, watch it below.

Zach, even said that according to reports some Apple Store representative also have no idea about this bug and how to fix it and some users just ended up having their iPhone or iPad device replaced.

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