Samsung Gear VR is Coming to Smart Postpaid

Smart Communications Inc, through their Facebook page today, made a huge teaser, the upcoming Samsung Gear VR is coming to their network. And by how the teaser was presented with a promotional image, looks like the Samsung Gear VR is going to be offered under postpaid service.

This is a very interesting and exciting gadget right now and almost every tech enthusiast I know online has been wanting to own one and fully enjoy and immerse themselves into the virtual reality world especially in gaming.

Now this Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset produced in collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Oculus. Users can mount a Samsung Galaxy device on to it and start diving into any VR-based content available. What's more exciting about this is that Samsung is now expected to announce the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones in three weeks time as event invites have been sent out to media along with a 15-second teaser clip. This teaser clip shows a guy wearing a Gear VR headset and reaching out to a cube-like object, you can watch it here.


So as of right now, everyone in the tech and gadget universe is really expecting Samsung to launch a consumer-ready Gear VR alongside the new Galaxy S devices on February 21, 2016. And as of this very moment, it is confirmed that the Philippines is one of the markets to get this virtual reality gadget from Samsung via Smart. Since Smart did not provide any other details about this offering, I am now wondering if the Gear VR will be offered as a stand-alone product or if it will come bundled with the new Galaxy S7 or  S7 Edge. Whatever the case is, we will definitely know as we approach its launch date.

Speaking more of an Oculus-made virtual reality headset, I happen to have a personal experience with the Oculus Rift last year and if you want to know how it went and my thoughts about this device, you may head over to this separate post of mine.

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