Watch Samsung Unpacked Event Live in 360-Degree Format and in Different Viewing Angles

Over the past few years, Samsung Unpacked event is one of the most anticipated and big tech events in the world of smartphones and tablets. And this year is definitely no exception. On February 21, Samsung electronics is expected to officially unveil the now-much-rumored Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in Barcelona, Spain. And to make it more grandiose, Samsung will livestream it like what they usually do, but with twist. It will be streamed live in 360-degree video format and will be viewable in multiple angles.

"In addition, during Galaxy Unpacked you will get four options for where to watch—from the auditorium, stage left, stage right or from center stage. Pick whichever spot is right for you, then use the 360 live streaming to get a complete view of the event from every angle."

This Samsung Unpacked livestream event will be available in three different platforms, PC, mobile and of course via Gear VR gadget. I guess this 360-degree video and the Gear VR thing are what the 15-second teaser clip was referring to when Samsung announced the event a few days back.

How to watch on PC?

  1. There is only one option, simply head to Samsung Unpacked website and tune in once the event starts.

  2. Choose from the available viewing angles

Samsung Unpacked Event 360

How to watch on mobile?

  1. Head to Google Play (Android) or App Store(iOS) and download the Unpacked 360 View app.

  2. Fire it up on the streaming day and time

  3. Select viewing angle

And on Gear VR?

  1. If you are a Gear VR owner and want to see it this way, just go to the Oculus Store and look for Unpacked 360 View app and download

  2. Open the app using your Gear VR on the said date and time of the event

  3.  Select viewing angle

Samsung Unpacked Event 360 degree

Please take note that the Samsung Unpacked event will happen on February 21, 2016 in Barcelona at about 7PM Central Europe Time (CET), in Manila that's around 2AM of February 22nd.

Source: Samsung
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