Watch What Young Filipinos Think of the Facebook Reactions Buttons

facebook reactions buttons

Facebook Reactions Buttons are out globally!

For the longest period of time, we users wanted to have a "dislike" button on every post we see on the largest and most-used social media site in the world, however, what Facebook gave us was the Reactions buttons providing us more options to express ourselves on our friends' status updates. If you have been using Facebook for the last few weeks, you are most likely aware of what these buttons are.

The first time I heard that Facebook was going to release a dislike button, or as the rumors said, I was quite not happy since I know that having a like-opposite button on FB is definitely going to cause some more misunderstanding between friends and followers and probably additional less-connected friends which is contrary to what Facebook should really be. But thank goodness, it was the Reactions instead which I really find way cooler and more creative and a bit harmless than the much-anticipated dislike button.

What they think of it

Now a website called Coconuts Manila created a simple and short video asking young Filipinos of what they think of these new crazy Facebook Reactions buttons and here's what they have to say about them. I like the "Chill" button very much though.

After watching the video above? Do you agree with what they say? Do you really think we need these new buttons on Facebook? I think, we don't that much, but it's very helpful that it's there. I use the Like, Love, Haha and Wow most of the time, Sad and Angry like like never. And yeah, I am looking forward to the addition of that Chill button. Chill lang my friends, : )

Source: Coconuts Manila
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