Smart Sakto Data Gives you 7-day connectivity for just Php30

Data bundles in the Philippines are getting bigger and cheaper as we move forward in this digital age, thanks to the efforts of leading telecommunications companies in the country like Smart. With this progress, mobile postpaid and prepaid users are now having more chance and reasons to get connected online and interact with their friend and express themselves whenever and wherever they are. Now Smart is adding yet another super affordable prepaid data promo or bundle that is so hard to resist, introducing the Smart Sakto Data 30.

smart sakto data

The Smart Sakto Data 30 provides 200MB data allocation with 20 minutes worth of calls to Smart, Sun and Talk N' Text numbers. All good for 7 days for just Php30. With that being said, I think this is the most sulit prepaid data bundle we can find around right now.

You may be wondering how much online activity can you do with 200MB. Thankfully, Smart gives some examples on their website of things we can use the 200MB for. Check them out below, and also take note that data usage may vary from device to device. But if you have been using data on your smartphone or tablet for a little while time now and at the same time monitoring your data usage rate, you are most likely already aware of how far this 200MB can take you.

    - 200 Facebook posts/status updates or
    - 300 tweets or
    - Send 1,400 Viber messages

    - Stream 50 songs on Spinnr or
    - 20 hours playing Clash of Clans (COC) or
    - 42 minutes of YouTube streaming

    - 670 webpages (no photos) or
    - 154 webpages (with photos) or
    - 6,000 emails

To register you can simply send SAKTODATA30 to 9999. If seven days is somehow not enough for you, and you want a little more convenient and that offers additional value for your money, you can also try the SAKTODATA99 which comes with 500MB data and 70 minutes calling time to Smart, SUN and TNT for 30 days. To learn more, please see source link below.

Source: Smart Inc

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