Smart Announces Clash Royale Mobile Game Availability in the Philippines

The massively and globally popular Clash of Clans mobile game from a Finland-based developer named  Supercell has just got its spin-off version officially released in the Philippines, and it's called the Clash Royale. With its local launch, you can now make the most of this game with Smart Prepaid's PasaData service which, as you may have already guessed, allows you to share your data with your friends anytime and anywhere for more online gaming fun.

Clash Royale is an exhilarating card and strategy mobile game. It pits you in a duel with other online players in a race to knock down each other's castle. To achieve this, you draw from a deck of eight cards containing again familiar characters from Clash of Clans as well as defenses and spells, you unleash them in the arena according to your plan to victory.

clash royale philippines

Just like any other game out there, your goal is to win in each battle. Every victory you gain also gains you more cards, trophies and glory, which then can be used to upgrade your characters, buy and unlock other arenas and many other stuff.

Clash Royale was initially released in select markets such as Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Finland, New Zealand and others, but today, it is now being rolled out globally.
"We are thrilled to finally make "Clash Royale" available to Filipinos, who are very engaged CoC players," said Erlend Christoffersen, Director for Global Expansion at Supercell. "We can't wait for them to have as much fun and enjoyment while playing our new game with their family and friends anytime, anywhere."

"We welcome the launch of "Clash Royale" in the Philippines, and we expect it to follow the success of the massive hit "Clash of Clans" as it introduces another exciting way for friends to bond and interact with each other online," said Katrina Luna-Abelarde, Head of Wireless Operations at Smart.

Smart Communications also has a new service called PasaData. PasaData can be used with both Big Bytes Barkada 99 (with 700MB for 7 days) and Big Bytes Barkada 299 (with 2GB for 30 days).

Big Bytes Barkada's allocated data can also be used in other online activities aside from playing Clash Royale, like playing other mobile games, stream videos, music, accessing apps like YouTube, iFlix, Spinnr and social media apps.

To register to any of these, simply text BBB99 or BBB299 to 9999. You can also dial *121# to access on-sceen menu to Smart promos and bundles. To learn more about Big Bytes Barkada, you may visit this link.

Clash Royale is now available for iOS and Android devices, and you can simply head to App Store or Google Play using your device to download the game and start clashing in a whole new level.

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