(Updated) Smart Launches LTE-Advanced, Boasts up to 250Mbps Speed

It is the very first of its kind in the Philippines, and Smart Communications Inc is the telco that first brings it here starting today. LTE-A or LTE-Advanced is a next-level type of cellular connectivity that promises up to 250mbps of download speed, faster than the current LTE that most Pinoy consumers are enjoying.

The Smart LTE-A is now initially deployed in Boracay, Aklan, which is one of the country's leading tourist destinations. The company claims they have recorded speeds of up to 250mbps. That's super fast, perfect for power user like gamers and streamers.

Photo credit: DiyosaLife.com
"With the introduction of our LTE-Advanced service, the next stage of development of 4th generation of mobile technology, Smart is again at the technology forefront, setting the bar higher for mobile service experience," said Joachim Horn, PLDT and Smart Chief Technology and Information Adviser.
Smart is really the first one to launch this new technology in the country, they are officially joining a handful of telecoms globally that now offer this next generation of mobile connectivity service, like Optus from Australia, Sprint in the US, and Turkcell in Turkey, among others.
"We are also planning ahead, in anticipation of future advances in technology. Our current investments in network facilities are already being done in a way that will enable us to be ready for 5G when in arrives sometime in 2020. For this purpose, we are closely working with NTT DoCoMo, which is one of the global pace-setters in the development of 5G' Horn added.
Happening now is the official launch of Smart LTE-A in Boracay. Photo credit: DiyosaLife.com
Smart is implementing this LTE-A through a technique that they call "carrier aggregation". This carrier aggregation essentially refers to the ability of LTE-A to combine two or more radio frequency bands in order to deliver bigger bandwidth and faster data speeds to mobile users. The way Smart explains it to be more understandable is it's like being able to put together two or more separate highways in order to create a wider highway through which vehicular traffic can flow more freely and at a much faster rate.

 Right now, a number of devices on the market from well known brands already support LTE-A and that includes the newest Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the iPhone 6 and 6S devices as well.

LTE-Advanced simply means an even faster data connection that will cater power users on the go. Livestreaming from mobile devices is now picking up and more and more brands and users are now adopting this new way of sharing that really requires a much faster connection for both streamers and broadcasters, and LTE-A is just a perfect service currently.

And I just can't wait to personally try when it reaches more locations in the Philippines.

Update: April 14, 2016.

My fellow Davao Bloggers Society member Ria Jose of DiyosaLife.com was in Boracay and attended this special event from Smart. Thankfully, she was able to livestream as she witnessed the launching for us to see. So in case you want to see how the Smart LTE-Advanced launch went in Boracay last night, you may check out Ria Jose's live broadcast below via Facebook live.

There you should see on-site speed tests on the Smart LTE-A using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone as well as how fast this new technology is in terms of downloading real stuff from the internet, streaming music and videos and many others.

Right now we don't have any word yet on its expansion outside of Boracay, Aklan but pretty sure it won't take long before major and key cities in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao dive in this next wave of mobile surfing service.

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