Deadpool Honest Trailer with Deadpool Himself as the Voiceover

Deadpool is undeniably one of the best Marvel movies we had this year so far. Ever since the first demo footage leaked out from one of the Comic Con events a couple of years back to the official announcement of the Deadpool live action movie adaptation, to even seeing the marketing materials, most of us, if not all, were already hooked up on this film and knew that it was going to be at least a good moveie treat to the fans. But hell no, it was great! Ryan Reynolds really did great a good job on portraying Wade Wilson aka Deadpool here, and really redeemed himself from the disaster of the same character rendition back in X-Men Origins: Wolverin several years prior to this.

And the honest trailer for Deadpool is here! If you have seen previous honest trailers from Screen Junkies, it is highly likely that you are one of those fans who had been waiting for Deadpool's own honest trailer and see what the Screen Junkies peeps had to say about this particular movie. And to make things more hilarious and awesome, the Merc with a Mouth joined this honest trailler as one of its narrators. Watch it below and enjoy. 

Did you see Deadpool when it came out a couple of months back? Did you like it? I really did, there was really this Deadpool feel all throughout the movie, the humor, the punchline and the actions were just cracking everyone up in the cinema house. At the end of that film, there were two post-credit video clips and one of those officially confirmed that the Deadpool 2 film was already greentlit and we can expect Cable to be there as one of the new characters. So I am here, waiting for further developments on the Deadpool 2.

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