Smart Encourages us to ReFriend and ReFollow Family and Friends on Social Media

Elections are finally over! And from what I have witnessed over the course of the campaign period, especially for the presidential race, I think this is one of the most toxic election campaigns we had in a very very long time. A lot of people have fought each other online, you went to the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, read comment sections of Philippine election-related posts and you would see how engaged people were in this 2016 national elections.

With that being said and due to different political views and supporting different candidates, even friends and family members had come to the point of unfollowing and unfriending each other on the popular social media sites. But now that the elections are over, Smart Communications Inc wants us to start re-following and re-freinding our friends and relatives again, how? Watch a video below released by Smart to give us a simple idea on how we can begin again.

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