Temple Run 2: Blazing Sands is Coming in 10 days!

I have been playing Temple Run ever since I became aware of it a few years back and I am addicted to it, I know I was not the only one who did. And up until to this very date, I am one of those people who are still playing the Temple Run 2.

Now the Temple Run 2 has been around since January 2013, what makes me stick to this game is that it can be played anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection unlike many of cool mobile games today, and most of all Imangi Studios has been updating this version of their popular endless running game depending on the season, Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc.

Several months back, like I think it was in December 2015, Temple Run 2 had a major update since its initial release. It was so major that the update looked like it should have been called Temple Run 3, my thoughts at least. This was because the update came with a spinoff version of Temple Run 2 called Frozen Shadows, and the landscape was completely different than the standard Temple Run 2 environment. If you have been playing this game, you definitely know what I am talking about here. Sadly, I knew back then when the Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows was released that it was not to stay permanently, that it was one day in the very near future to go away. I liked this Frozen Shadows update and I know there are other people too who are enjoying this, so having this offered for a limited time is what I don't understand yet.

Thankfully, once the Frozen Shadows is gone, a new one will replace it and it's exciting actually. Yesterday, while I was about to start playing Temple Run 2 on my Android smartphone, I noticed something in the Map section of the game where I can switch from the default Temple Run 2 to the Frozen Shadows. I got so excited that I immediately took a screenshot of it. See below.

Frozen Shadows is to go away in 12 days from now and the new spinoff version, Blazing Sands, is to be released in 10 days. I have not seen any screenshot or gameplay yet of this Blazing Sands, but yes of course I am excited to see what's new on this one. As soon as it becomes available I will definitely update to it and give a try immediately. By the way, the Sky Summit is the default or standard Temple Run 2.

Top image source: Temple Run (Facebook)

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