PLDT and SMART Launch New Logos, It's A New Day Indeed

#ANewDay hashtag started showing up on my newsfeed from all the social media accounts I have, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since this morning and it was all teasers. All I was able to recognize immediately was that it had to do with new big announcements from Smart and PLDT. More and more posts came from so many people, bloggers, celebrities and pages I follow as the day went by. Then a couple of hours ago, the new logos for PLDT and SMART were officially unveiled.

I think these new logos look pretty awesome, modern, smart and simple. I just don't know yet the explainations for these new designs and I am even more excited to see what are the things that will follow this unleashing of new logos. I don't think this was it though, I think it is just a matter of time and waiting to fully know what Smart and PLDT are brewing up in their laboratories for its strong and ever growing number of subscribers for both prepaid and postpaid departments.

The new logo announcement was headed by Chairman, CEO and President of PLDT and SMART Manny V. Pangilinan this evening at a special event they held in Makati. This monumental launch was also attended by bloggers, Smart and PLDT executives, celebreties and its brand ambassadors. And there was even a surprise performance from the Eraserheads, 90s kids were definitely the happiest at this Smart-PLDT event this evening! How I wish I was there too!

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