Spotify Premium for Family up to 6 Members for Just Php194/month

There is a good news for all the Spotify users in the Philippines both for premium and free version subscribers. And that is the Spotify Premium for Family has just arrived in the country and it's way more affordable than I thought it would, actually.

Currently, individual Spotify Premium account costs Php129 per month and it stays that way at least for now. However, there is another way to get the Premium service even much cheaper and that's through the Spotify Premium for Family Plan which is now in the Philippines. For just Php194.00 a month, you can add up to 5 more members to your account, that's 6 in total including you for less than Php200 every 30 days.

Even though it says it's a Family Plan, you can definitely add anybody you want to this. So let's say you and five other more users decided to subscribe to this Spotify Premium for Family and agreed to split the monthly fee, each one of you will only cost about Php32.00 each every month. Compare that to Php129 single premium plan, that's a hell lot of savings. The monthly payment will be billed to the primary account holder, keep that in mind.

Now you might be thinking that all of you will have to have the same playlist based on the primary account holder's. No, that is not the case. Each of the individual members of this family plan will still be able to keep their own songs and playlist as if each account is individually subscribed to the Spotify Premium. Each of you will still be able to enjoy premium perks like unlimited skips, play any song you like, save songs for offline listening, no ads in between tracks and many others.

So if you and your friends and family are now ready to take advantage of this Spotify Premium for Family, log-in to your account on your mobile app or go to the browser version of Spotify, register for the family plan and add your members.

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