Start Saving Up, Asus Zenfone 3 Devices Coming to Philippines in August

Now that Asus has officially unveiled their 2016 Zenfone Series, the next question we now to ask is when these new gorgeous and powerful smartphones are to arrive in the Philippine market? And of course how much each model is going to be offered for?

Asus CEO Jerry Shen, via an interview at Computex 2016, confirmed that all of the announced Zenfone 3 devices will be available in the Philippines sometime in August of this year.

While the local pricing was not revealed yet, at the Computex 2016 announcement, Asus mentioned that thet international pricing for the three new Zenfones are...

Zenfone 3 = $249
Zenfone 3 Ultra = $479
Zenfone 3 Deluxe = $499

Of course the prices may change a bit (higher or lower) when they arrive in the Philippines. And then when just looking at the prices and comparing them with the previous Zenfone 2 smartphones, you will definitely notice that these are higher than last year's models. But the thing is, the Zenfone 3 devices are way way better and more premium than their predecessors, plus what the Zenfone 3 phones offer are about twice or maybe thrice its price compared to other brands.

Meanwhile, other reports claim that Asus is also going to be bringing more unannounced Zenfone 3 devices beginning August in the Philippines. For example, rumors say that the PH market as well as India will have a much faster and more powerful Snapdragon 823 processor unlike other market which will only have the Snapdragon 820, plus Zenfone 3 Max variants will also be onboard.

This means, if we are aiming to get one of these Zenfone 3 devices this year or as soon as they become available, now is the perfect time to start saving up. We still have at least two months to prepare.

I will keep on checking updates about this Zenfone 3 availability and pricing, and as soon as they are confirmed, I will surely let you guys know through this blog of mine, or through my social media pages so make sure you are following me there. 

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