Watch: Encatandia 2016 Official Trailer

GMA has finally released the first official trailer for the returning and much anticipated Fantaserye Encantadia through their Facebook page a couple of days ago. It's a more than 2-minute clip, giving us first, clear and up close look at the familiar characters and places in the world of Encantadia as well as some scenes outside of the magical world in what seems to be the modern city in Metro Manila. Watch it below.

Overall, the trailer looks awesome and I am just excited to see John Arcilla's (Heneral Luna actor) portrayal of Haring Hagorn who is one of my favorite character in the series, it is the same character that was amazingly given life by another most celebrated Philippine actor Pen Medina.

However, it looks like the new Encantadia series is not going to be a full sequel to the previous installment. That's because this trailer shows some recreated scenes from the old Encatandia series, hopefully only a few of them will be rebooted here and we will still get more plot stories, origins and more new characters and most of all it's going to be a better Encantadia than the previous ones had ever been.

I am one of those Encantadia fans who have been waiting for this installment ever since the last one ended about a decade ago, so they better not do so much mistakes and disappointments with this one. But whatever we have in store for us on this new show, I am still going to like this Encantadia series no matter what and will always thank the people who made this a reality again.

Furthermore, we don't have definite date yet but this Encantadia 2016 is expected to premiere next month.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Let's talk through the comment section below. : )


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