Why is the Internet in PH Slow? Watch Globe CEO Ernest Cu Explain and Provide More Answers

Internet has become one of the world's necessities. With internet, a lot of lives have been changed and improved, and without it a big chunk of the wold's business industry will be crippled. In some countries, internet connectivity enhancement is one of the top priorities of the government, and while many countries in the world are enjoying fast internet, Philippines remains to be having the slowest internet worldwide.

One of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's promises once he assumes office is to work with local telco companies to make sure that the internet speed in the country will be improved or else Duterte will have to invite foreign players in and let the competition game makes the speed much more acceptable. Now in the Philippines, the internet has gone so far and has improved a lot by two leading telecommunication giants in the Philippines, PLDT and Globe Telecom, however it's still not enough and almost all users in the country are still not happy and satisfied with the speed they are having.

And because of that and being it's already 2016, a lot of questions are being asked by the Filipino consumers such as why the internet here in the Philippines is still slow? Is having foreign internet providers going to improve it a lot? Who and what are the hindrances that these telecoms are facing that make it hard for them to just make the local internet speed far better? Thanks to Rappler's Maria Ressa for her interview with Globe Telecom's CEO Ernest CU as a lot of these questions were answered and more insights were offered giving us clearer understanding regarding the status of the Philippine internet. Watch it below.

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