Globe GoSurf 50 Now Even Bigger at 1GB Still for 3 Days With Unli All-Net Texts

Okay Smart has just released the Giga Surf 50 that comes with 1GB of data plus free 300MB for music and video streaming, but starting tomorrow, Globe users will also have another and bigger reason to be the happiest kids as well. Globe just made the famous GoSurf 50 even bigger for the same price.

It was also in the last week of March when Globe upgraded the GoSurf 50 from just having 350MB to 700MB, today they have decided to make it a whole 1GB of data allowance and then bundle it with unlimited all-net texts for the same asking price (Php50) and for the same validity period (3 days).

Please take note that there is a little catch with that 1GB. 700MB of it can be used for any online activity you desire, be it browsing your favorite blogs and websites or apps, no problem, the remaining 300MB is allocated for "free content of your choice" according to Globe Telecom announcement earlier today. So what are the eligible free content for this new GoSurf 50? Those are Facebook, Viber, SnapChat, Spotify Basic, YouTube, Daily Motion, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

So when you register to GoSurf 50, you get the 700MB data right off the bat and then you will have an option to select one of the free content, for example GS50 FB. Read more details about it through the source link below.

Now you may say that Smart's new Giga Surf 50 is better since it gives you full 1GB for any of your online use plus free additional 300MB. That maybe correct, and is of course will depend on your lifestyle after all, but what's interesting here is that GS50 now comes with unlimited all-net texting for no additional cost.

To register, you can send GS50 to 8888 or dial *143# on your mobile phone.

Source: Globe

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