Asus ZenTalk Releases Updates on Pokemon Go Compatibility Issue with its Zenfone Smartphones

Surprisingly many of the recent Asus Zenfone smartphones are not supported by the extremely popular augmented reality based Pokemon Go game. Well that's according to the Pokemon Go Google Play page of the game, which is very contrary to the system requirements set by Niantic Labs itself.

Users of Zenfone 2, Max, Selfie, Laser and some previous models are still unable to download the game. Either the Pokemon Go won't show up in the search results or will show message "Your device isn't compatible with this version." Then there are some users who have been able to download and play Pokemon Go are experiencing GPS error not being detected by the game, especially when inside of a building while connected through data. 

According to Niantic Labs, the Pokemon Go developer, as long as the following key specs are met they should be able to download and play the Pokemon Go without a problem. But looks like it is currently not the case for many of these Zenfone fans.
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat and up (except for Android Nougat, yet)
  • GPS Support
  • 1280 x 720 HD Resolution (recommended)
 Thankfully, our friends over at Asus Philippines have been very accommodating when it comes to this particular issue. They have been working really hard to get this fixed and get in touch with Niantic Labs people. Asus Zentalk, the official Asus forum site, has even released an update on this matter and offer temporary fix for those who are affected while everyone wait for the solution.

"We are still in coordination with our engineers regarding the issue we are currently facing on Pokemon Go game compatibility. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

The main issue here is that it can't be searched in the Google Play Store. Hardware and compatibility wise, ZenFones have no problem running the game. though Niantic seemed to have not added most Asus Zenfones to their compatibility list. Though we are receiving reports and complaints on the GPS problem  on Znefone Max (which should be fixed soon, as we have reported this multiple times already), you can play this much awaited game on your Zenfones, no problem."
Asus ZenTalk also offered a couple temporary fixes for this issue, and if you are one of those users who are still not able to download the game, you may check out Asus Zentalk's post here and see which one may work for you. You may also read my previous post here on how to download the Pokemon Go using an apk file version which worked perfectly fine with my Zenfone Max.

Asus Zentalk assured its users that they will continue working on this until everything is sorted out and also at the same time provide updates on the matter every time they get new information. Should you want to get future updates from them, you may follow them on the Zentalk site or on their official Facebook page here.

Hope you will be able to catch 'em all as soon as possible.

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