Watch Asus Philippines Zenvolution Event's Livestream on Sunday

Just like the previous Asus Product Launch events, Asus Philippines is also to livestream its upcoming and most anticipated Zenvolution event this Sunday, August 14th.

Asus Philippines actually opened the door to this Zenvolution event once again to the public where they have invited more than 500 Zen fans in addition to the already invited members of the media and individuals from the blogging community.

Unfortunately not every one who requested to be invited or joined Asus' contests to win an invite was lucky enough to secure a seat at this product launch. Thankfully though, Asus is going to hold a livestream on its Facebook and YouTube channels for the rest of us to witness the event through.

At this Zenvolution event, Asus is to formally launch the newest Zenfone 3 series of devices alongside Zenbook 3 and new generation of Transformer laptops.

During Computex 2016 in early June, Asus unveiled three Zenfone 3 variants, the Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Zenfone 3 Ultra and a Zenfone 3 together with the new Zenbook and Transformer laptop. Then a couple weeks after at an event in Vietnam, two more smartphones were revealed and those are the Zenfone 3 Laser and Zenfone 3 Max which are also confirmed to be released in the Philippines. So overall we are going to have five Zenfone 3 devices at a single launch event. And that's cool. And that's what makes this event more exciting than the previous ones. Asus Zenfones are just one of the hottest series of Android smartphones not just in the Philippines but also abroad. And since Zenfone 3 are sporting new aesthetics and more powerful specs and features for prices that's really more affordable compared to other devices sporting same set of specs, this made Asus become more popular now to Android users than ever before.

If you haven't, simply follow Asus on Facebook to get more updates directly from them and to have access to the livestream link as soon as it goes live this coming Sunday.

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