I Tried the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headset and It's Very Good

It's not that everyday I get my hands on premium headsets out there, but thanks to A. Refinery Davao Store with the help from our fellow tech blogger, Davao Geek Hub, I was able to have a spin on the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headset.

This Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is not just about a gadget that provides you the best listening experience you can possibly have, it is also about giving you options to express yourself. How? Customization. I guess that's the main reason why this German-made headset is simply called Custom One Pro. With these headphones you'll be able to customize it from the earpad cushions, outer cup face plates to the amount of bass you would like to hear from your favorite songs and audio content.

Right out of the box, the unit comes with the following.
  • 1 5-foot long detachable headphone cable 
  • 1 detachable 1-button microphone cable about 4 feet in length
  • 1/4-inch Stereo adapter
  • 16 custom face plates
  • User's Manual
All of the accessories are put inside a triangular box within the main box which also serves as your stand for the headphones in case you don't have one yet (see image above).

Those are pretty much what you get when you buy one of these headphones. My very first impression when taking the Custom One Pro out of the box is that the device really feels solid and sturdy to hold and those earpads are very soft to touch. Also the whole unit itself is very flexible and adjustable according to the size of the user's head, though I think it's a bit heavy coming in at 290 grams not including the cables.

One of the things I really like about this, aside from the great bass and rich sound quality it provides, is it sports over-ear cups with cushions, that means using these headphones for a long period of time won't hurt my ears and that they effortlessly cancel out outside noise and prevent audio leak. My only complaint is that when I used this for hours, there was no enough ventilation for my ears to breathe so whenever I start to feel uncomfortable I would need take the cups off my ears for a moment, plus if you are a sweaty type of person, good luck to those leather earpads. But if we are talking about the audio quality, I think this is one of the best out here in the local market that has to be on top of your list.

You may have already noticed this but those cables are removable from the headphones, so if the device is not in use, you can just unplug them, put them wherever you want them to be, and you won't have to worry about the cord wrapping them around the unit or getting messed up altogether. Additional good thing about the cords being detachable is you can replace them in case you break them or if you just want to use other cables of your choice like the ones with full-blown headset microphone for gaming purposes, that's one of the scenes where customization comes in.

Speaking of customization, like the naming implies and I as mentioned above, a few more things can be customized on this headset. That is something I believe is not easily found on other similar products out in the wild. Those leather ear cushions and the one on the headband are replaceable, if you want additional set in different colors for example, you can buy them separately from Beyerdynamic or from other retailers. 

One of the main highlights on its customization capabilities is the implementation of the 4-level Bass Ports on each cup. These sliders are adjustable according to the amount of bass you want to hear from different types of songs you listen to. For me that's a pretty exciting feature to have as not every song I have in my playlist is not bass-worthy, meaning some are best enjoyed with more bass and some are with less bass.

More on the customization part, and this is also one of my favorites here on the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, remember I mentioned above that in the box it comes with 16 custom face plates? You can use them to give the ear cups' face plates different looks and themes according to your mood of the day.

You have 16 different designs right off the bat to jump start your Custom One Pro experience. I am not just sure if any of the A. Refinery stores separately sells these face plates, but if not then you can just create and print your own design to add more personalization in the design and looks.

To change those plates you can use the simple tool that comes in the box to unscrew the plate holder from the cups (as shown above). They look really cool and will definitely give you more options to express yourself not just in the kind of music you love listening to which most of the time happens "inside" the headphones, but also on the outside for the world to see.

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro absolutely delivers what it promises and what the name really means. During the short time I had with this device, I can definitely say that you can't go wrong with this one. If you look for a headset that provides rich and detailed sound quality with the freedom to adjust the bass at will, customize most of its parts, with durability that will really last long and not to mention a good looking one, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is the ONE.

This unit was provided by our friends over at A. Refinery store at Abreeza Mall, Davao City. Aside from headphones they also sell different audio paraphernalia like earphones, bluetooth speakers, soundbars and many other from different brands such as JBL, Harman Kardon, AKG, Q Accoustics, and others.

I was invited together with fellow Davao bloggers when A Refiney store was officially opened at Abreeza Mall a couple of months back.

You may visit their store or follow them on Facebook for future updates and discount offers. Thanks again to Davao Geek Hub, without his effort I won't be able to experience this Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.

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