Watch this Fan Made Harry Potter Go Gameplay Trailer

Right now Pokemon Go is still taking the internet and the physical world by storm and it does not show any sign of slowing down yet. From lure parties being sponsored by brands and business establishments that are taking place everywhere, telco companies providing free Pokemon Go access for one month, down to churches and local government branches releasing advisory to all the Pokemon Go players in the country clearly indicates that this pocket monster hunting mobile game has clearly established itself in the scene.

Many are saying that Pokemon Go is just the beginning of the augmented reality based mobile games that are to come. That being said, Harry Potter fans from every corner of the world are hoping that one day a Harry Potter Go version will also come into reality. Actually I am also one of those fans who wants to have a Harry Potter Go on my smartphone, I even imagined how it would look like if it was real based on how the Pokemon Go is played.

Thanks to StarGaze Media, as they just released a short clip showing how this Harry Potter Go would be played borrowing some mechanics and gameplay from Pokemon Go. A player is shown using the Marauder's Map as their guide while they catch fantastic beasts with their magic wands. Choosing house and collecting famous witches and wizards magic cards from Magic Stops and more. Watch it below.

It would be nice right it was a real mobile game right? I can now feel the thrill and excitement of  relearning magic spells, collecting and knowing uses of different potions and plants, battle with other wizards from other houses.

Hey Warner Bros. could you please fund and produce this as well? : )

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