How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android for Pokemon Go

"GPS Signal Not Found" is probably one of the most common issues that Android users are facing upon playing Pokemon Go. And I was one of those Pinoy Pokemon trainers who experienced this on my Asus Zenfone Max ever since I first launched the mobile game on my device. I tried several things provided by tons of available tutorials online to no avail. Until a couple of days back, I was able to find the fix myself by just playing around with my phone's settings and one of the pre-downloaded apps from Google.

With Pokemon Go on my Asus Zenfone Max, I was actually able to play the game with GPS fully functioning while I am outside on the streets and parks catching Pokemon and stopping by at nearest Pokestops. However, the GPS Signal Not Found error only occurred everytime I was inside a building or mall. I was only able to play Pokemon Go in-door when I used free WiFi provided by the establishment but if I was connected through my data, that's where the problem is experienced.

I just let it that way for a few days which kinda sucks especially when I am in SM Malls where Poketops and Pokemon are available. I thought this error was because I am using an APK version of the Pokemon Go and not the one downloaded directly from Google Play. The thing is, even though Asus Zenfone Max meets all the Pokemon Go system requirements set by Niantic Labs, Google Play still says my device is not compatible. I think this is a glitch that Asus is trying to resolve with people from Niantic. Thankfully I was able to find a way to successfully download the Pokemon Go on my "unsupported device" and start catching Pokemon. If you still can't download Pokemon Go due to compatibility issue, try my tutorial here and this might help you.

Here's How I was Able to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error.

Two days ago, while I was on break at my workplace which again inside of a building and location tracker or GPS was not working, I tried to fix this error by going into the settings of my device. There I was able to set my Location Mode to High Accuracy, go to Menu >> Settings >> Location (turn it on) >> Mode (select High Accuracy). I thought that was it, but no it was just one of the things I needed to change in order to fully solve this dilemma.

Then I realized that Niantic Labs is using Google Maps as part of this Pokemon Go game, and then I again realized that I actually disabled the Google Maps app on my phone since I never used it ever and you know to save memory and pro-long my battery life even longer. So that being said, I tried to re-enable the Google Maps, download the update from Google Play and let it run in the background and prayed that this would work.

As soon as I closed the Google Maps, I fired up my Pokemon Go app, made sure that GPS is ticked on, and boy I was so happy to see that GPS Signal Not Error NO MORE!

If you don't have Google Maps yet on your Android device, you may download it for free from Google Play and just follow the on-screen instructions on how to install and activate your account.

This solution really helped me a lot as I am now able to play Pokemon Go even inside of a mall. And I am even more happy that I was able to fix is error before the very first nationwide Pokemon Go Lure Parties that is about to happen over the weekend, check out my separate post here about this Lure Parties from different malls and businesses to learn more.

If you have any suggestions, additional tips and even questions, please feel free to use the comment section down below.


  1. Super thank you po sir..nkatulong sa akin yung post mo..hindi po kc ako nag aupdate ng google map..tnx po ulit..godbless..

  2. Super thank you po sir..nkatulong sa akin yung post mo..hindi po kc ako nag aupdate ng google map..tnx po ulit..godbless..

    1. Hi Marjhon, mabuti naman at nakatulong sayo! I'm glad. Good bless din! : )