Huawei Takes Their First Ever Photography Workshop in Davao City

As in first time ever, Huawei Philippines chose Davao City to be the first stop of their three-leg Photography Workshop series. Cebu and Manila will follow suit in the coming days. So expect more and more posts from different bloggers nationwide about this workshop and samples of photos they capture using the P9 smartphone which really has a great camera, thanks to Leica.

By just having a phone or device with great camera features does not guarantee you great photos if you don't have the knowledge of its capabilities and how to utilize them. And attending a photography workshop like this is just a lot of help to improve your photo-taking skills with the help from the industry expert.

Speaking of experts, in this workshop series, Huawei Philippines partnered with Leica Club Manila to further introduce the Huawei P9 to Filipinos. Led by their very own master lens men Billy Mondonedo and Dr. Benjo Campomanes, we learned more about the P9 and P9 Plus' camera prowess, features and of course about photography itself.

Dr. Benjo Campomanes
 I think photography workshop is not complete without photowalk session. So all of us were brought to the city's famous People's Park with each of us having a Huawei P9 smartphone and put everything we have learned from the workshop into action. Below are some of the photos I managed to take using the Huawei P9.

Huawei P9's dual 12MP camera is co-engineered with Leica, the brand very well known in the photography scene
Since the Huawei P9 smartphone was released in the Philippines, I have already been hearing from bloggers and users that the P9 has really a great camera quality. I have also seen some photos posted on social media site captured with P9, and I can really say that the quality is very good and really stands out from photos captured by flagship devices. And yet I was still even surprised to personally experience and see it for my self when I started taking photos using the device. Clearly, Leica partnership is not just a gimmick. Even photos taken by an amateur like me, will definitely look a lot better when captured Huawei P9.

There are actually a plethora of camera functionalities embedded in this P9 smartphone that cater to users different needs and lifestyle. I just hope I had more time with the device. But in that very brief opportunity I had with the Huawei P9, one of the things I really liked about the camera is the ability to refocus in the image even after the photo is taken, that's something rarely seen in all smartphones of today.

You may also want to check more photos taken by other attendees of this event using the same Huawei smartphone. Those photos are uploaded on Huawei Mobile Philippines Facebook page (see album here).

After the photowalk session at People's Park, we went back to the venue where Mr. Billy and Benjo reviewed our shots. They provided impressions on each of the photos, which ones were great and which ones needed improvement. It was really a very nice experience learning many things about photography from these two men who just didn't have the knowledge in this field but also huge passion to immortalize moments.

And one of the most exciting part of this event is, Huawei gave out a brand new P9 smartphone to the owner of the best photo Mr Mondonedo and Campomanes chose. Below is the winning shot of Josef Cagas of

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