Chat With Other Pokemon Go Players Using RazerGo Messaging App

If there was one thing I would like Niantic Labs to add on their next major game update for Pokemon Go, that would be the ability to chat with other Pokemon trainers around. This is one of features that many users wanting to see that is currently lacking in the game and I am pretty sure I am not the only one waiting for this - if this is ever going to come. Good thing is, we really don't need to wait for Niantic to do that as we all know they currently have a lot on their plate right now, Razer Go is the new messaging app that will do the job for us.

Yes the RazerGo app is from the well known Razer brand which is popular for making gaming PCs and Laptops. And this is available both for Android and iOS devices.

According to a report on The Verge, the RazerGo is location-aware which means users of this messaging app will be able to talk to other Pokemon Go players within radius of 3, 60 or 600 miles (1000 km). Joining public group chats or interact only with people from the same team as yours are just some of the cool features this app offers to Pokemon trainers. Players can even as well talk to each other privately.

If you wanna try this out alongside your Pokemon Go, simply visit Google Play or App Store and download it from there.


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