Pokemon Go Lure Parties are Everywhere Over the Weekend Thanks to These Businesses and Malls

It's been almost a week now since Pokemon Go officially hit the Philippines. Since its release last Saturday, a lot of Pinoy Pokemon Trainers have been very busy catching as many pocket monsters as they can and sharing their progress on their social media sites especially on Facebook. Many thought that it would die out very soon and the hype would not last, well I don't think so. Actually, this is just the beginning of a long era of catching Pokemon in the real world using our smartphones with our friends on our sides. And to officially and more formally start this Pokemon Go craze off, well-known companies and malls are to throw lure parties over the the weekend!

Lure party simply means that these companies will drop lure modules within their respective vicinity for a certain period of time. And it's for free, no need to sign up or anything, just show up at the lure party venues and start catching as many Pokemon as you can.

Lure modules are used to attract wild Pokemon thus giving you more chance of catching Pokemon for a limited period of time than normal circumstances. And when a Lure Modules is activated, you really do not need to walk around like you normally do when looking for Pokemon, you just have to stay where a lure is activated and wait for Pokemon to show up. Lure Modules are acquired by either purchasing from the in-app shop or by reaching certain trainer levels.

As I have mentioned above, one of the most common ways to get Lure Modules is to buy from the in-app shop using Pokecoins. One Lure Module costs 100 Pokecoins and 8 Lure Modules is for 680 Pokecoins. How much to buy a Pokecoin you may ask...

How do you know if a Lure Module is dropped or activated at a certain Pokestop? These lures are only used at Pokestops and to know if there is going there, you should see a Pokestop icon with confetti like animation around it. See image below for reference. If someone drops a lure, anybody nearby can benefit from it. And that's what these businesses are going to do at these Lure Parties, provide free Lure for everybody who wants to come over and catch more Pokemon.

So what are the local businesses and malls hosting these Lure Parties and when? See below.


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