Pokemon Go is Finally Released in the Philippines

This is not a drill!!!

The long and agonizing wait has been finally put to end as Niantic Labs has just officially released the much awaited Philippines launch of the Pokemon Go. It's like the freedom that we Pinoy Pokemon Go fans and aspiring trainers have been fighting for and it's finally here. Of course I am one of you guys who have been waiting for this since it first came out in early July, and as of writing I have already downloaded this Pokemon Go to my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 S smartphone.

The announcement was made earlier today (while I was still asleep) through Pokemon Go official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Over all 15 new countries were added according to the announcement. See below.

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Then head over to Google Play or App Store and download the Pokemon Go game in your device.

Catch 'EM All!

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