Smart is Offering Free Access to Pokemon Go Upon Philippine Launch

Image credit: Smart Inc

I know, I know, we are still in the waiting zone for the Pokemon Go release in the Asian region. It's kind of frustrating already as you know no body really wants to wait for something they are very excited about. But please extend your patience, like I am doing right now, because for sure it will arrive here in the Philippines and when it does, a lot of promos, freebies and goodies are coming and are already awaiting to be enjoyed with this hottest mobile game. Smart and TNT users, for example, will have free access to Pokemon Go once locally launched.

Smart Communications Inc just officially announced that once Pokemon Go goes live in the Philippines, all Smart and TNT users whether they have Android or iOS devices, they will be able to enjoy Pokemon Go with free data access for seven days. They did not mention any registration requirement or process before you can have free access, this means it's going to be automatic as soon as you fire up the Pokemon Go App for the very first time while connected to the mobile internet via Smart or TNT network.

"Smart is one with the whole nation in waiting for Pokemon Go to finally go live in the Philippines, and we are very excited to welcome the game in our own big way," said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Mobile Business Head. 
"Smart subscribers nationwide can look forward to more special treats and promos that will allow them to make the most of their Pokemon Go experience," Kathy added. 
In case you are not aware yet, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality and geo-location based game which allows players to be a trainer as they catch, evolve and level up their Pokemon (Pocket Monsters). And being this game that uses augmented reality and track physical locations via GPS, means players will need to move around (in doors and out doors) to hunt and catch Pokemon, get free Pokemon items, and even fight other Pokemon to take over gyms and others. For best Pokemon Go experience, it requires being connected to the internet. But don't worry it does not eat that much of data.

As of yet, Pokemon Go has already been rolled out in more than 30 countries which include Japan and Hong Kong in the region. But we still have no idea as to when the aspiring Pinoy Pokemon trainers will be able to have their hands on this very popular game here in the country. Once it's here, you will definitely know the first second of its existence.

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