All Episodes of Voltes V and Daimos Are Coming to iFlix

James Bridges, Chief Content Officer at iFlix talks about the upcoming content to be offered soon. image credit: iFlix

iFlix just recently celebrated its first anniversary here in the Philippines and as the online streaming company marked their first year in the business, more than 1.5 million of their subscribers have been enjoying unlimited streaming access to TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more to date. And because of that success, we users can expect to see more and fresh content to be available soon on the site.

That being said, earlier today, iFlix Philippines on their Facebook page posted a teaser about an all-time favorite anime series coming to the iFlix soon. See below.

It says "soon on iFlix" but the image itself shows a date which is 09.16.2016, that I assume the Voltes V series will be available on September 16th.

In addition to this, all series of Daimos will also be available soon and that's also on top of some other international movies and TV series to be added in the very very near future. The Flash Season 2 and Arrow Season 4 are actually now available as well. And that's pretty exciting.

I myself have been an iFlix subscribers ever since they landed in the country. Right now I use iFlix to catch up on the latest Encantadia series whenever time allows me to. And since these two anime series are arriving as well, this gives me more reason to continue subscribing to iFlix. Not only that, subscription fee to iFlix is just super affordable... Php129/month for regular users, if you are Smart or PLDT customers you can take advantage of it for just Php99 per month. For the last few months they even offered free 30-day access to iFlix when you subscribe to Smart Giga Surf 50, which I have been using for quite a while now. I am just not sure if this particular offer is still up, I will know it once my current iFlix subscription expires and try another. : )

Now that these mecha anime series are coming to iFlix, I hope and I pray that more and more animes will be available as well. Hopefully, more 80s and 90s series from Japan will also be released like the Bioman, Maskman, Masked Rider Black, Shaider and many others in the same era and genre. Then I will be the happiest kid once that happens.

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