Beanleaf Coffee Shop Opens new Torres Branch in Davao City

Bean Leaf Coffee and Tea is here again bringing us the opportunity to "taste the difference" as they open a second and brand new shop along Torres Street in Davao City last week. This new shop is located at Davao Wisdom Academy School building.

"Taste the difference", that's the promise and experience that Beanleaf Coffee and Tea has been providing since their first store was launched at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao August of last year. On September 15, 2016, Bean Leaf Coffee and Tea Torres branch was officially opened and Davao Bloggers Society was once again invited to witness this another milestone for the said coffee shop.

In addition to coffee, they also serve milk tea, fruit tea, sausages, snacks, sandwiches, pasta, rice meal and many others.

Visit Beanleaf Coffee and Tea today at Davao Wisdom Academy Building, opens from Monday to Sunday. At the moment, the shop is open until 2AM but will soon become available 24 hours a day. And I think they should not just because they are located in the heart of the city but also because two of the nearest buildings, Landco and Hai, house one of the biggest call center companies called Offsourcing Inc in the region. This will enable BPO employees who work during graveyard shift access to one the best coffee shops around anytime of the day.
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