GrabJobs Now in the Philippines

There is another way for companies or small businesses and job seekers to get connected easier and faster. Thanks to the Singapore-based company as their GrabJobs app has finally arrived in the Philippines.

You may already have an idea how this particular app works base on its name, but yes this is a mobile application that gives employers and job hunters another platform where the former can post job ads and the latter to find find those jobs that are suited for their skills and experiences.

GrabJobs says that in a developing country like the Philippines, there is an ever-growing demand for reliable and dedicated workers to fill the needs of businesses, especially in the service industry. And this is one of the reasons why they chose the Philippines as the next market to expand to after Singapore.

"Having worked with several establishments in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Singapore, we've noticed one challenge that we constantly faced - the unreliability and inconsistency around staffing," said GrabJobs CEO and Co-founder Emmanuel Crouy. "GrabJobs was created in response to staffing issues faced by employers in F&B, retail, hospitality, events, logistics, warehousing, and BPOs, among others."

GrabJobs was initially launched in Singapore earlier this year, and since then the app has already garnered more than 25,000 downloads and now has big companies under its banner in Singapore alone such as Foodpanda, Brotzeit, H&M, Club21, and Holiday Inn.

"We wanted to get GrabJobs to the Philippines first and foremost, primarily because we know there's an ever-growing demand here," shared Mark Melo, GrabJobs CCO and Co-founder. "We understand how difficult it is for employers to find workers that could perfectly suit their needs, and that goes the same for job seekers who need to find stable job, may it be part-time or full-time."

Some of the unique things about GrabJobs are the push notification, rating and chat features. When an employer posts a job a notification can be auto-forwarded to workers, they can also search and filter candidates and directly contact them via in-app chat feature.

For workers, they can easily apply for a job with just a push of a button, get notified when a certain company broadcasts new available jobs. One more good thing is that workers can be rated and evaluated by the companies or employers they work for to build up their profile.

Right now the GrabJobs app is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you would like to learn more about this app, you can visit GrabJobs official website here.

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