Lazada Briefly Listed Pre-Order Page for iPhone 7 Then Put it Offline Immediately

Late afternoon today Lazada Philippines launched a webpage showing that they are now accepting pre-order for the recently launched iPhone 7 smartphone. However, after a few minutes it went offline leaving nothing not even a word as to why.

I was out of the house when a fellow Davao based tech blogger from DavaoGeekHub informed me of the news. As soon as I heard it, I immediately checked Lazada store on my phone and was not able to find the page. Thankfully our friends over at GizGuide were quick to pick up the information of the offer.

GizGuide said that according to Lazada's pre-order page the iPhone 7 32GB variant was priced at Php39,999. And as for the shipping, it was stated that Lazada promised to start shipping out the iPhone 7 as early as September 23. Nothing was mentioned about other variants including iPhone 7 Plus.

32GB is a base model for this year as Apple has already ditched 16GB models for this newest generation of iOS smartphones. And since Lazada had previously listed the price as Php39,999 which is most likely to be same case for other sellers in the country, we can expect to have the prices for the 128GB and 256GB version to go skyrocket.

Up until this very moment, the Lazada iPhone 7 pre-order page is still down. But since it went online very briefly, we can expect to have it back online again within this week or the next. Tomorrow I will keep on checking it and as soon as it goes back up on Lazada store, I will let you guys know. 

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