New Haier TVs Are Now Future-Ready Televisions

In May of this year, the National Telecommunications Commission or NTC said that in the next three to five years the Philippine television is expected to go full digital from analog broadcasting. Digital broadcasting promises a huge improvements over analog, with this we can enjoy a clearer audio and visual quality regardless how far or near you are from the network stations, more channel availability and more.

However, one major down turn of this analog-to-digital migration is that analog TVs will not be supported. To fix this and fully adapt to the new age of broadcasting, TV owners will have to either buy new televisions that support the new format or use a digital box converters that can be purchased from third party manufacturers or obtain from their cable service providers. And that of course those will cost extra expenses either one-time or reoccurring payments.

For households that are only after local programs, paying for an external tuner along with cable subscription might be too much for a limited budget. Thankfully, TVs are now being designed to address that possible scenario.

"Advances in TV broadcasting shouldn't become an inconvenience to the average Filipino family," Haier's Director of Product Planning for TV and PC Joseph Bandol said. "That is true especially when it comes to the cost. Television is meant to be enjoyed, not cause worry."

As early as today, Haier has already responded to this possible problem for TV owners in the future. Haier Digital TVs now come with built-in ISDB-T compliant digital tuner. This will make the transition less of a hassle once the all networks go full digital in a couple of years. In addition to the inclusion of digital tuner, these TVs also come with features for fully immersive entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Why go digital with TVs?

Unlike their analog counterparts, digital TVs receive signals without degradation or interruption. This means that viewers get to fully enjoy channels that offer shows in high definition with Dolby Digital audio.

To add to image quality, Haier digital TVs are designed with in-plane switching (IPS) panels for the LCD screen along with the latest in picture enhancing technologies. The sleek, two-tone design and metallic strip detail further create a polished, classy look without the high price.

Haier also adds a "Timeshift" feature for those who want to record shows either in real-time or by schedule. This lets families avoid rushing home to catch their favorite programs, with the benefit of getting to watch together for that much-needed quality time.

"Ultimately, Filipinos look forward to quality family time at the end of the day, which is usually spent in front of the TV after dinner," Bandol added. "This makes the viewing experience important. With a TV that delivers great image and sound quality, families can fully appreciate the rare moments they spend together."

Haier is currently offering two digital TV lines: the B8500 series and the K5000 Smart digital series. Available in 32", 40", 50", and 55" screen sizes, the K5000 has a YouTube TV feature for browsing online videos, as well as Smart Share function that enables users to connect their smartphones to the TV and play media. Plus all Haier digital TVs come with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

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