Super Mario Run is Coming to the iOS This Christmas

While most of the Apple iPhone 7 event last week was expected, the Cupertino based company still was able to pull off some unexpected announcement. One of those is the surprise appearance of Nintendo's and creator of the iconic game Shigeru Miyamoto at the event unveiling that the Super Mario Run game is finally arriving to the iOS platform this holiday season.

 Along with the announcement, Miyamoto also did a live demo of the game giving audience first look at how the game is played, what other new features to expect without leaving the true Super Mario feels and environment out. For example, players can compete with their friends on their list or with other players around the world. For Super Mario fans out there like me, it's definitely one of the good news that came out of this recent Apple event. 

The Super Mario Run will be available this holiday season for iPhone and iPad devices. In fact, the App Store page of the game is now up online and users who are interested in downloading the game once it comes out can opt in for a "notify me" feature so they will be reminded as soon as the Super Marion Run is available.

Below is the video clip from the event where Shigeru Miyamoto officially announced the game and gave audience first look at the game play live.

It was not of course mentioned at the event, but according to Nintendo they also plan to release the game to other platforms like Android in the near future. But initially, it will be first available for iOS users across the globe.

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