Starbucks Planners 2017 Are Here and They Are So Cool

It's that time of the year again when Starbucks coffee enthusiasts, loyal customers, and planner collectors are beginning to get excited again on the upcoming Starbucks annual planner, Christmas-themed food and drink items as well as merchandise. I am happy to share to you that Starbucks Philippines has officially launched the Starbucks Planners 2017 Edition. And yes, we are not getting just one but two planners sporting different cool designs. If I am to comment on these new planners, I wanna say these are the most beautiful and awesome planners they have released so far. Check them out below to know what I am talking about.

For this year we have two Starbucks Planner 2017 variants to choose from, Coffee Stains and Aqua-and-Teal cover designs. Both done in hardbound cloth covers and will be available in two sizes, standard and mini.

These 2017 Starbucks planners are designed by none other than Starbucks' very own creative team with the theme "Crafted by Heart and Hand". In addition to the planner itself, Starbucks is offering these with additional materials to level up our Starbucks planner experience all throughout the year 2017. Each of the planners comes with an erasable pen (I wonder how this thing really works), magnetic bookmark, coffee stickers, discount coupons, and zip cloth pouch.

Starbucks Philippines Assistant Manager for Public Affairs and Digital Communications Denise Barrameda said that these new planners were designed to be more interactive than the previous installments. She added that there are monthly activities that will encourage users to draw, take and paste photos and get crafty.

If you have been collecting Starbucks Planners since always or have tried at least once, you already know what the mechanics are. You collect 18 coffer stickers which are acquired by purchasing eligible drinks from the menu (9 holiday and 9 regular drinks). That's one of the options, the other is by making a one-time purchase of participating food items and merchandise with at least a total amount of Php7,000. One planner for 18 stickers and one per single-receipt of Php7,000.

You can start collecting as early as November 2, 2016 until January 8 of next year and you can redeem your desired planner until March 9, 2017.  One more cool thing about collecting any of the planners, according to, is that Starbucks will be making donations to the organizations of their choice - Teach for the Philippines and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA).

You may follow Starbucks Philippines on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about these offerings.
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