Asus Asks People to Create an Ad for their Zenfone 3 Series and Here's the Outcome

So representatives of Asus with Zenfone 3 devices on their hand went out into the city of New York and asked people there how they would like to create a commercial for the tech company's current Zenfone 3 series of devices. Asus calls this fun and interactive concept as "streetsourced Zenfone 3 advertisement" and it's part of their current "Incredible is Now" campaign for the new generations of Zenfone devices.

Of course, before these participants started giving out their ideas and plot elements for the said ad, they were first briefed on the key features of the Zenfone 3 especially in the camera department. And the video below is the outcome of that streetsourced Zenfone 3 commercial after consolidating hundreds of ideas from those people they asked to participate. It sports The Alien and Dinosaur as the theme reflecting and bringing the contributors' ideas and imaginations to life .

How did it go? You will be the judge, watch it below.

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