Pre-Order Now Your Google Pixel Smartphone from Kimstore

One of the hottest Android smartphones in the global market today is now available for pre-order from one of the most trusted online stores of gadgets in the Philippines, Kimstore. Yes, you read that right, Google Pixel smartphone can now be pre-ordered locally through Kimstore.

Well, it is actually not a pre-order in a sense, but more of a pre-registration process for those who are interested in getting the device as soon as it becomes available on Kimstore. You can sign up through this link here, and Kimstore will notify you once the device is coming together its official local pricing.

Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones a couple of weeks back and as soon as everything became official, the Pixel and Pixel XL devices had already become the most anticipated smartphones in the international scene, thanks to its high-powered specs and features. You can read more about these devices here in a separate post I created on the day it was unveiled.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL's camera received the highest rate for a smartphone camera ever from DXOMARK, beating the latest iPhone 7 and many other flagship devices from competition. And one other exciting offerings that comes with these smartphones are free and unlimited backup of photos and videos in full resolution on Google Photos, and that includes 4K videos too.

Unfortunately, local pricing from Kimstore for this phone was not revealed yet as it will be known once the device arrives. But to set your expectation on this detail, an unlocked version of Google Pixel in the US starts at $649.

Source: Kimstore (FB) 
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