All Smart SIM Cards now LTE Ready with Free Data and Rewards

Good news to those who are planning to switch to Smart prepaid service or buying a new Smart SIM card, as Smart Communications has just made all the new prepaid SIM cards of them LTE ready. This new generation of SIMs from Smart, being an LTE capable cards, offer users to experience "rocket fast LTE" internet connectivity anytime and anywhere.

In addition to being an LTE supported, these Smart prepaid SIM cards also come in triple-cut format (regular, micro, and nano sizes). This means that you won't have a problem with this SIM card in case you are going to change or upgrade smartphones in the future that support different sizes of SIM cards. The new Smart LTE prepaid SIMs will just fit perfectly in all smartphone and tablet sim slots regardless of the size.

Here is the more fun and exciting part of these LTE SIM cards from Smart. Subscribers will automatically get free 50MB of data every month for six months. And then another free 100MB for every accumulated prepaid load of Php100 per month for six months as well. Users will also have exclusive access to Smart's data promos in the future.

So how much is the new Smart LTE Prepaid SIM card going to be for? Just Php40.
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