Starbucks Philippines Sends us a Surprise Box, Let's See What's Inside

After a long and busy work day at the office I went home right away to get some relaxation and be ready for another 8-hour work the next day. When I finally got home, I didn't know that not only my super kulit 5-year daughter, wife, and newly cooked dinner were waiting for me, but also a bigger-than-usual box from Starbucks Philippines. Very happy and excited, I immediately opened the box to see what's inside and why it is the biggest package I have ever received from this coffee shop giant.

Realizing it was a larger package and that it was from Starbucks, you can already imagine how excited I already was while I was getting closer and closer to see what are stuffed in the box. Now prior to this, I know that Starbucks Philippines has just launched new product offerings such as the Teavana line up as well as new food selections in the menu and limited edition merchandise, so I was expecting to see some items inside it being one of those new offerings.

So upon lifting the box lid covers, below is what greeted me.

The package inside the box is separated into two different eco-friendly and reusable bags. Upon seeing this , my face was like of a kid unwrapping his first ever Christmas gift for the year.

I first picked up the bag on the right, inside it are four boxes of the new Starbucks Teavana. I have to admit that these boxes are beautifully designed and colors are vibrant and inviting, these really make me want to have tea immediately.

In addition to these four boxes of different flavors of Teavana, there is one more item in the bag covered in brown packaging paper. Now, every time Starbucks sends me a package, I always look for the tumbler (this is my most favorite part of the package actually hehe ). But this one does not feel like a regular tumbler, as it has a handle, a mug perhaps. I took the wraps off and I was greeted by the new ceramic item called the 12oz Teavana Tasting Cup.

So that's all for one of the bags. Then I moved on to the next one which is a much nicer, styled and more attractive bag in the box. Unzipped it and found 4 four bottled Frappuccino coffees inside. If you ask me if it tastes good, I would definitely say yes and my wife really likes it especially when served really chilled.

But wait, there's more!

Celebrated in the middle of the autumn season, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Moon Festival, as it is the time of the year when the moon is at its brightest and fullest. Available for an initial consumable load amount of Php300.

The new Mid-Autumn Festival Starbucks Card. It has an initial consumable load amount of Php300.

I was definitely the happiest kid in the block the night I opened the box and saw what Starbucks Philippines has prepared for me. And have I told you that I will be celebrating my birthday on October 4th? This package came just in time before my birthday, and that made my day even more special.

And for that, a big thanks to my friends over at Starbucks Philippines! Keep sending! Hahaha.

In case you are wondering, all these items in this post are now available at your favorite Starbucks store together with other new drinks, whole bean coffees, and food items (see links below for more details).

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