Youtube Kids App is Now Finally in the Philippines

After being initially launched in select market in February 2015, the kids friendly version of YouTube called YouTube Kids is now finally released in the Philippines. I just really don't know why it took that long before Google finally decided it's about time to bring this in the Philippines. Whatever the reasons were, what's more important is it's now here.

I have a five year old kid who is most of the time on YouTube watching those Peppa Pig, Kids Toys, Seven Super Girls series among many others whenever she has the opportunity to watch on the smart TV that we have or on smartphones and tablets that we use. We all know that while YouTube is one of the very nice and user-friendly places on the internet, many of its videos are just not child-friendly. So if you have children who are always on YouTube and you want to make sure that they only access videos suitable for them without worrying most of the time, you should download YouTube Kids on the devices they use.

With YouTube Kids, we parents are absolutely guaranteed that videos for kids are only accessed by our younglings. Not only that, this version of YouTube app also has Parental Control and one of the things I like about it is the ability to set a timer. This gives me option to limit the number of hours I would like my kids to use it for. And it's for free. Head now to the Google Play or Apple Apps Store and download it.

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