98% of Metro Davao is Now LTE Covered

If you have seen my previous posts about Smart and PLDT's on-going project here in Davao, you are most likely aware that these two telco giants have been very busy upgrading their systems and towers here as part of their commitment to provide the fastest network and mobile data connectivity to DavaoeƱos. Today, Smart and PLDT are happy to announce that they have just completed their network expansion and improvement program in Metro Davao and surrounding municipalities which results in big boost to its voice, SMS and mobile internet coverage, quality, particularly on its LTE service.

Field tests conducted by Smart showed the following:
  • Smart's LTE outdoor coverage now blankets 98% of Metro Davao, matching the outdoor coverage of its 3G service.
  • Smart's LTE indoor coverage increased six times - from 11% to 66% of Metro Davao area.
  • Average download speeds of Smart's 3G service increased nearly six times to 6Mbps, while LTE speeds increased more than four times to over 17Mbps.
"Smart is rolling out the fastest and most powerful LTE network in the country. This is the cutting edge of our efforts to improve internet services in the Philippines," said Joachim W. Horn, chief technology and information advisor for PLDT and Smart.
"In Metro Davao, the biggest change is the huge improvement in indoor coverage for LTE. This is important because people use mobile data internet services mostly indoors - in their homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops and the like. As a result, Davao is setting the peace for the country's major urban centers in terms of mobile internet experience and is the best place to enjoy fast mobile internet services," he said.

This is just Davao, so what about Cebu and Manila? Smart said that they are not stopping here. They will now start rolling out the same network improvement program in Metro Cebu and Metro Manila. This is part of their three-year plan to bring high-speed LTE all over the Philippines. So konting hintay na lang sa mga friends natin diyan sa Cebu at Manila! Kayo na susunod. 
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