Subscribe to Spotify Premium for Only Php49 for 3 Months

2016 is almost over and if in any case you have not tried the Spotify Premium yet, this is you chance to get one for a very minimal fee. Spotify Philippines has just launched a latest promo making the subscription to its premium version of the music streaming service more affordable and hard to resist - Php49 good for three months.

You read that right! Only Php49 will already provide you Spotify Premium for three months. Note that this is an introductory offer and only eligible are those who are going to try the premium for the very first time. After the 3-month period, the succeeding months will cost users regular monthly fee of Php129. Of course, if they do not want to pay for the regular price, they can just cancel their premium subscription anytime without paying any early-termination fee.

Benefits of Spotify Premium

  • No ads - Those annoying ads? They are gone when you go premium and your mood is not interrupted anymore while listening to your playlist.
  • Unlimited skip - When you are on Spotify mobile with free account, your skips are very limited every hour. With premium, it's skip to sawa!
  • Play any song you like - While this is not a problem when you are on desktop, for free Spotify account on mobile, you cannot choose a song you would like to listen to, you're always on shuffle mode. Spotify Premium gives you the freedom to play any song anytime.
  • Offline Listening - Perfect for music lovers on the go.  Another cool benefit of Spotify Premium is it allows you to download your playlist or any song to your device's local storage for offline listening. This means that you can still listen to your favorite tracks while you are away from home even if you don't have data plan. 

If you would like to subscribe now and take advantage of this Php49 promo, you can head to this Spotify page and sign up for the premium account.

What about those who have been or have tried subscribing to Spotify Premium? Thankfully, we are not forgotten. If you are currently not on Spotify Premium, you can renew your subscription for three months for only Php129.

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