Yamaha Club's Grand Touring Concludes with the Rev Camp X in Davao Oriental

Yamaha Club has been doing this regional touring around the Philippines this year and very recently they have just ended this activity at the latest get-together 2-day event called Rev Camp X held in Mati, Davao Oriental.

The said third and final leg (first two were in Luzon and Cebu) of the Yamaha Club Grand Touring activity took place on November 8-9 2016 which aimed to provide YClub members with an extraordinary and fun riding experience. And to make this experience even more exciting was that Motoworld joined in by giving away lots of raffle items.

The destination for the Mindanao edition was at the Dahican beach in Mati which is a very beautiful location for a spectacular journey. This Rev Camp X event were joined by multiple Yamaha Club groups from the region and they are the following.

  • Mati City Riders
  • FZ16 Philippines CDO
  • Sniper Owners Riders X
  • Davao Lady Riders
  • All Mio Club Davao
  • Davao Mio I
  • All Mio Club Panabu
  • All Mio Club Digos
  • All Mio Club Bislig
  • Mio Davao Touring Club
  • Davao Sniper Guild Inc
  • All Mio Club San France
  • Monc Mio Touring Club CDO
  • All Mio Club Butuan
  • Davao Mio Soul I

It was an event full of activities and treats such as games, henna tattooing and of course raffles. Yamaha owners started the ride as early as 6AM and they arrived at the stunning location in Mati, Davao Oriental about lunch time of the same day. Everyone was given their own tents that they used for the entire duration of the Rev Camp X.

The riders were also given the opportunity to see the brand new TFX 150, the Fierce Xpression which was also the theme of the said gathering. Also at the venue was the Henna Master and Fierce Model, a contest to see the best henna design and the best person who can model with it.

This is one of the best things about owning a Yamaha motor. You just don't just get to enjoy the quality of their products and excellent service support, you also enjoy meeting other Yamaha motor owners through these Yamaha Club groups plus Yamaha Philippines itself does not forget to conduct events like this to appreciate and treat their passionate riders all-year round.
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