Acer Academy Visits Davao City and Meets with School Partners

One of the biggest names in the local tech scene, Acer, just visited Davao City a few days back through a special event called "Are You Kong-nected?" that was held at Seda Abreeza Hotel. The electronics giant was not in the city to introduce new products but to formally and for the first time meet with its school partners under its Acer Academy Program. A small number of the local media was also invited and thankfully I was one of those people who got selected through the invitation sent via Davao Bloggers Society.

The event started as early as 9AM and finished at around 2PM. Yeah it was a quite long one, but I really did not mind it because of two main things. First, it's Acer and the brand fits in my blog niche plus it was also my first time attending an Acer event here in Davao City and the second reason was they brought in the most respected and celebrated motivational speaker, newspaper columnist, author and award-winning business consultant Francis Kong with them to do a talk. He's also the newest Acer Philippines brand ambassador.

First part of the program was all about product updates on Windows 10 operating system delivered by Eufer Pasion, an Account Manager - Education at Microsoft Philippines. He talked about a lot of existing and new software features and services they offer to schools in order for them to deliver the best possible education and skills to their students that will prepare them in the corporate world. Those services Eufer discussed were all new to me which I really didn't realize were already existing in the Philippines. For example, if your school provides internet connectivity to students, there is a software feature from Microsoft you can use that gives you power to select which websites and apps your students can and cannot access while within the school premises.

Event attendees were also provided quick updates on Acer's new corporate and school-focused products and services, mostly about the personal computer and hardware sections of Acer offerings.

And of course, my most awaited part of the event was the talk given by none other than Mr. Francis Kong himself. Mr. Kong provided some insights and stories why schools should change their method of teaching by adapting the digital way of providing education to their students. He even reiterated the advantages and disadvantages of technology both in business perspective such as in schools, and in children and students. That we should always use the full potentials of gadgets and technologies we have to our advantage or else we will have future graduates with IT skills far behind than what the companies are looking for.

Mr. Francis Kong shared some stories of businesses that went full swing in success down to the path of bankruptcy simply because they refused to change and adapt to the digital world. For this part, my one of the many take-aways from his talk was the quote that says "Change is scary, but it is scarier not to change." It was such a nice opportunity to see and personally hear Francis Kong talk and learn lessons of success directly from him. He's the type of speaker you would love to listen to for eternity just to get as much lessons and tips on success as you can.

Like mentioned above, it was Acer Academy's first time in Davao City since its official launch in the country 4 years ago. Normally, they would send regional representatives to Manila whenever they had official events like this, but now they thought it was high time for them to personally go to Davao and meet their school partners as well as encouraging more schools to join the Acer Academy Program.

Schools that were invited included Camiguin University, Xavier - Ateneo de Cagayan, St. Rita's College of Tagum, Our Lady of Fatima Academy, Brokenshire College, Ateneo de Davao, and University of Mindanao. Acer Academy also welcomed new members of the program from Jose Rizal Memorial State University and Davao Medical School.

So what is Acer Academy Program and benefits of being a member of?

The Acer Academy Program started in 2012. The membership now spans some of the most prestigious colleges and universities nationwide. Bulk of the membership is in Luzon, followed by Visayas, then Mindanao. As member-schools of the program, the school and students enjoy several benefits such as Acer's sponsorship of school events and activities, free training for the school faculty and IT personnel, a campus kiosk, and participation in campus tours. Students of an Acer Academy program member are also prioritized under Acer's internship program where they get first crack on-the-job or even possible hiring opportunities.

To learn more about Acer Academy Program and receive futures updates directly from them, you may visit at or follow them on page.
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