Asus to Announce Two New ZenFones at CES 2017?

Consumer Electronics Show or simply known as CES is an annual big tech event happening in the US in the first week of January. That means we can expect electronics giants to sport their latest innovations and product offerings at the upcoming CES 2017 which is to kick off on the 5th of January. One of the big names in the list of companies is Asus.  A couple of days ago, Asus published a dedicated web page about their upcoming "Zennovation" event with a countdown timer that is to take place on January 4th, a day before next year's CES. Together with this web page launch, a Zennovation teaser clip was also released. Watch it below.

Did you watch the teaser video above? If you did, did you notice what's shown in last few seconds of the clip?

If the Zennovation teaser trailer is to be of something, then it only means that Asus is about to showcase not just one but two smartphones at their upcoming event. In the video above, the fist silhouette of a phone shows a logo similar to letter A minus the line in the middle and another one with infinity symbol. And nothing more was provided beyond those mysterious devices, maybe in the next couple of days we'll see more but for now just those two images of smartphones with different symbols and color schemes.

Some of the tech sites in the international scene such as the 9to5Google suggest that the two new phones could be the Zenfone AR, a Google Tango-based smartphone that has to do with Augmented Reality (AR) technology and second as the Zenfone 3 Zoom. See screenshots below for a closer look.

Now if you can remember, a supposed Zenfone 3 Zoom was recently spotted on TENAA listing showing a dual lens camera on the back. The second phone with the infinity sign could be referring to this unannounced Zenfone 3 variant that is to sport two camera lenses on the back.

The other phone, on the other hand, as people speculate, is going to be called the Zenfone AR. Actually, 9to5Google even reported that Asus CEO Jerry Shen himself confirmed the existence of this Google Tango-powered device a month ago. However, details about this Zenfone AR is extremely limited at this point, so we'll have to wait until Zennovation event takes place to know more about this phone.

In case you don't know yet what Google Tango (aka Project Tango) is, it is a new technology platform developed by Google itself which allows devices like smartphones to detect their position relative to the real world without using outside signal such as GPS. And this technology promises a ton of potentials that will revolutionize the way people are using smartphones today. There's 3D mapping and indoor navigation opportunities,  augmented reality applications, and many others. See video below to give you more details on what Google Tango can do.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Asus Zennovation event.

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