Attack on Titan Season 2 Trailer and Premiere Date Released

Yes, I am one of those fans who have been waiting for this Season 2 of Attack on Titan anime series since the first season ended in 2013. In case you haven't done the math yet, that waiting mode has been more than three years now. If you are a fan of any on-going series, waiting for a year is already a long and almost forever of anticipating. The Attack on Titan being one of the best and successful anime series right now, three years release gap between Season 1 and Season 2 is like infinity. Thankfully though it wasn't literally infinity, as today, the trailer for the second season of Attack on Titan anime version has just been released online, together with a premiere date. Watch it below.

So what can you say? To me, it is going to be a hell of a Clash of Titans kind of series installment and after seeing this first and official trailer, I am so ready and can't wait for the 2017 to arrive. Based on the trailer itself, it looks like not all Titans, except of course Eren Yeager's Titan mode, are mindless and man-eating giants like what we saw in the first season. Right now in this new installment, we see there are good titans fighting alongside with humans. Additionally, the trailer promises a lot of more intense action scenes, darker and deeper storyline compared to the previous season. More and more plot revelations will be witnessed in this one.

Releasing this Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer on a Christmas day is definitely the merriest holiday gift that Pinoy anime fans can receive this time of the year. If you are a fellow fan reading this post, I am 100% sure you know what I am talking about.

Now why it took that long for the season 2 to become a reality? Well the main reason was to avoid the anime series catching up with the Shingeki No Kyojin manga series which this Attack on Titan is based on. So while the anime production was in hiatus mode, the manga series keeps on releasing new episodes and progressing the storyline. I don't read the manga version though, but if you do I guess you already know what storylines this anime installment will cover.

As for its release date, there is actually no exact premiere date for the Attack on Titan Season 2 yet, but Funimation has already confirmed that it will arrive sometime in April 2017.

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